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Topic: Web Services

Web services include SOAP, Web Services Decription Language (WSDL), Universal Discovery and Description Interface (UDDI) and other developing standards. .NET and Java include frameworks and API to fully access and utilize these standards.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Emerging Technology Briefs: Identity (Web Services DevCenter)
A brief look at the state of the emerging identity, membership, and preferences fabric for the Internet.

The Great Rewiring (openp2p.com)
In this interview, Clay Shirky describes the "great rewiring," where PCs are directly connected to the Net, and P2P and Web services are fraternal twins.

Hailstorm: Open Web Services Controlled by Microsoft (openp2p.com)
To an astonishing degree, Microsoft's Hailstorm relies on open standards like SOAP, Kerberos, and XML. But with typical audacity, MS also plans to centralize control of the system at critical junctures.

Brewing a HailStorm (General DevCenter)
Rael Dornfest has been digesting Microsoft's HailStorm announcement. Is it Microsoft's most ambitious land grab ever, or a shocking move towards open standards?

Other documents about this topic:

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Web Service/ADO.NET
Anun demonstrate the use of ADO.NET through a webservice and makes you realize that its not a monster replacement to ADO 2.5. He includes a database along with the zip called LIS(Location Information Services) which has two tables viz. statemaster(all states in the US) and countymaster( counties and cities for a particular state). This webservice accepts the abbreviation of a US state and returns the counties/cities within that state. [Source: Mindcracker]

.NET Framework Essentials
.NET Framework Essentials is a concise and technical overview of the new Microsoft .NET framework. Covered here are all of the most important topics: from the underlying Common Language Run-Time (CLR) to its specialized packages for ASP.NET, Web Forms, Windows Forms, XML and data access (ADO.NET). The authors survey each of the major .NET languages, including VB.NET, C# and Managed C++. [Source: O'Reilly & Associates]

Building Client Interfaces for .NET Web Services
Learn how to create clients to consume them and learn about the importance of proxy objects and how to create a Web browser, Windows console, and Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) clients using Microsoft Visual Studio.NET. [Source: internet.com]

Applying .Net to Web Services
O'Reilly writer Brian Jepson introduces and discusses the .NET Framework in this Web Techniques article. Microsoft's .NET represents a fresh approach to Web development and provides a rapid application development (RAD) approach to creating Web services. [Source: O'Reilly]

O'Reilly Java author Jim Farley continues his commentary on all things .NET by looking at what's cool and not so cool about SOAP. [Source: O'Reilly]

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