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Topic: COM(+)/ATL

COM(+) is Component Object Model, analogous to the Java component model, JavaBeans. ATL is the template library of components for use with COM objects. The (+) includes MTS, MSMQ and IIS.

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COM+ Programming with Visual Basic
There's simply no other documentation available for much of what's in COM+ Programming with Visual Basic; this book draws from the author's wide experience as a COM+ developer and instructor. The first part delivers information that's indispensable for creating robust, efficient, high-performance COM+ applications. The second focuses on incorporating individual COM+ services, like transaction support, security, and asynchronous operations, into applications. [Source: O'Reilly & Associates]

COM(+) Objects and ASP.NET
This article is about accessing COM/COM+ Objects within the ASP.NET environment by Shelley Powers, author of Developing ASP Components, 2nd Edition [Source: O'Reilly & Associates]

C# Components in VB/COM(+)
Using C# component in VB through COM Microsoft has created several attributes and utilities to make it easy to place a .NET component into the clutches of good old COM. [Source: C# Corner]

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