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Topic: ASP.NET

Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side scripting language for creating and running dynamic, interactive Web server applications integrating with ASP, COM and XHTML/XML.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

ASP.NET Caching (Windows DevCenter)
Caching is an important concept in computing. When applied to ASP.NET, it can greatly enhance the performance of your Web applications. In this article, Wei-Meng Lee discusses some of the techniques for caching ASP.NET pages on the server side.

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COM(+) Objects and ASP.NET
This article is about accessing COM/COM+ Objects within the ASP.NET environment by Shelley Powers, author of Developing ASP Components, 2nd Edition [Source: O'Reilly & Associates]

Developing ASP Components
Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) continue to grow in popularity with web developers--especially as web applications replace web pages. Developing ASP Components, 2nd Edition, provides developers with the information and real-world examples they need to create custom ASP components. [Source: O'Reilly & Associates]

ASP.NET Code Reuse/Custom Controls
Code Reuse with ASP.NET Part 3: Custom Controls. In part 2 of this series on code reuse techniques available in ASP.NET, the authors discussed the use of user controls (also known as pagelets) to create reusable sections of code. In this final article of our series, they demonstrate how to build custom ASP.NET controls for building flexible and reusable components. [Source: ASPToday]

ASP Glossary
ASP Glossary [Source: ASPToday]

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