What's Your Biggest Internet Annoyance?

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Preston Gralla

Preston Gralla
Feb. 02, 2005 08:17 AM

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To use the Internet is to be annoyed. Annoyed about spyware, pop ups, and spam. Annoyed at security holes in Internet Explorer big enough to drive a truck through. Annoyed at clueless ISPs, cable modems that won't work, hot spots that aren't so hot, and search sites that inundate you with ads instead of search results. Annoyed at...well, you get the picture. There's a whole lot to be annoyed about.

I got so annoyed at all this and more a while back that I decided it was time to write a book about it. The resulting tome, Internet Annoyances, just came out.

To celebrate its publication, I'm taking a very public poll. So tell me, what's your worst Internet annoyance? No annoyance is too small or too big to mention, so talk back to me and let me know. Who knows, the annoyance might end up in the next version of the book.

Preston Gralla is the author of Windows Vista in a Nutshell, the Windows Vista Pocket Reference, and is the editor of WindowsDevCenter.com. He is also the author of Internet Annoyances, PC Pest Control, Windows XP Power Hound, and Windows XP Hacks, Second Edition, and co-author of Windows XP Cookbook. He has written more than 30 other books.