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Windows Vista Beta 2 Up Close and Personal
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The Sidebar (see Figure 3) is restored in this version of Windows Vista. The Sidebar is a panel that displays useful information (using little applications known as gadgets), such as RSS feeds, picture slideshows, a clock, etc.

Figure 3
Figure 3. The Windows Sidebar

Besides the gadgets shipped with Windows Vista (see Figure 4), you can also visit the Vista gadget website for more gadgets.

Figure 4
Figure 4. Adding gadgets to the Sidebar

Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer now displays paths using breadcrumb-like menus in the address bar (see Figure 5). Although this display format allows you to jump directly to a directory without needing to navigate the directory tree, it requires some getting used to.

Figure 5
Figure 5. Windows Explorer displays paths using breadcrumb-like menus

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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