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Using the Windows Mobile 5.0 Emulators in Visual Studio 2005
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Remote Heap Walker

The Remote Heap Walker displays information about the following:

  • Heap identifiers and flags for each process running on a target device (see Figure 18).
  • System memory that a process uses. The tool can help you to determine whether an application is releasing the memory it allocates (see Figure 19).

Figure 18
Figure 18. Processes running on a device

Figure 19
Figure 19. System memory used by a process

Remote Process Viewer

The Remote Process Viewer window displays information associated with each process running on a target device. You can use the Remote Process Viewer to kill processes that are running on a device/emulator (see Figure 20).

Figure 20
Figure 20. The Remote Process Viewer

Remote Registry Editor

The Remote Registry Editor displays the registry for a target device and enables you to add, delete, and modify registry keys and registry entries. You can also edit the registry entries on your local computer using the Remote Registry Editor (see Figure 21).

Figure 21
Figure 21. The Remote Registry Editor

Remote Spy

The Remote Spy displays messages received by windows associated with applications running on a target device (see Figure 22). Remote Spy displays a list of the windows that are open on a target device. In a separate window, the tool displays information about the messages in the message queue for the selected window.

Figure 22
Figure 22. The Remote Spy

Remote Zoom-in

The Remote Zoom-in displays a screen image from a target device. This tool is useful for capturing screen shots of your device/emulator (see Figure 23).

Figure 23
Figure 23. The Remote Zoom-in


In this article, you have seen some of the techniques and tools that make your life as a mobile application developer easier. Learning how to use the emulator to your advantage will greatly increase your productivity and ensure that your application runs on various devices without problems.

Wei-Meng Lee (Microsoft MVP) is a technologist and founder of Developer Learning Solutions, a technology company specializing in hands-on training on the latest Microsoft technologies.

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