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Using the Windows Mobile 5.0 Emulators in Visual Studio 2005
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Changing Screen Orientation

Beginning with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, all devices support both the landscape and portrait screen orientations. As a Windows Mobile developer, it is your duty to ensure that your application is orientation-aware, and hence testing your application in both orientations is important.

In Start-->Settings (on the emulator; see Figure 13), select the System tab and the Screen item.

Figure 13
Figure 13. Launching the Screen application on the emulator

Select the Landscape orientation option (see Figure 14) and click OK. The emulator will be rotated according to the option selected.

Figure 14
Figure 14. Changing screen orientation

Visual Studio Remote Tools

Visual Studio 2005 ships with a set of tools for Windows Mobile developers. You can find the tools by going to: Start-->Programs-->Microsoft Visual Studio 2005-->Visual Studio Remote Tools (see Figure 15).

Figure 15
Figure 15. Remote tools in Visual Studio 2005

Remote File Viewer

The Remote File Viewer works similar to the Windows Explorer with which you are probably familiar. It allows you to view the file system on the selected device/emulator. When you start the Remote File Viewer, you will first be asked to select a Windows CE device/emulator (see Figure 16).

Figure 16
Figure 16. Selecting an emulator

The Remote File Viewer then displays the file system on the selected device/emulator. You can transfer files in and out of the device as well as delete files on the device (see Figure 17).

Figure 17
Figure 17. The Remote File Viewer

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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