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Using the Windows Mobile 5.0 Emulators in Visual Studio 2005
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ActiveSync should now be connected with your device (see Figure 9).

Figure 9
Figure 9. ActiveSync connected to the emulator

Once the emulator is connected to ActiveSync, you can explore the file system on the emulator by clicking the Explore button in ActiveSync. Figure 10 shows the location of the application (\Program Files\DeviceApplication1\DeviceApplication1.exe) that was deployed earlier.

Figure 10
Figure 10. Locating the application that was deployed earlier

Besides exploring the emulator's file system, you can now also install applications onto your emulator. You can now directly install Pocket PC applications onto your emulator (see Figure 11) through ActiveSync.

Figure 11
Figure 11. Installing an application onto the emulator through ActiveSync

Within minutes, I am having fun with some games on the emulator (see Figure 12). This ability to install applications onto the emulator is useful when you are building installation packages for your Windows Mobile 5.0 applications and you want to test them out without using a real device.

Figure 12
Figure 12. Playing games on the emulator

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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