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What's New in Windows Mobile 5.0?
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Pocket MSN

Windows Mobile 5.0 now ships with the new Pocket MSN client that is comprised of MSN Messenger, MSN Hotmail, as well as a direct link to MSN Mobile Home page (see Figure 4).

Figure 4
Figure 4. The Pocket MSN Client

Instead of accessing your emails via Outlook and/or other POP/IMAP4 mail servers, you can now access your Hotmail through Windows Mobile 5.0. Figure 5 shows the messages in my Hotmail account downloaded onto the Pocket PC.

Figure 5
Figure 5. Reading Hotmail on Windows Mobile 5.0

When messages containing attachments are received, only the text component of the message is first downloaded. Attachments are only downloaded the next time you connect to the mail server (see Figure 6). This allows you to avoid downloading potentially large attachments (which is costly if you are using a GPRS network, for example) without your consent (especially spam messages). If you do not want to download a particular attachment, simply delete the message.

Figure 6
Figure 6. Attachments are only downloaded the next time you send/receive mail.

Like its Pocket PC counterpart, the Smartphone also includes the MSN client (see Figure 7), which allows you to check for emails and chat while on the road.

Figure 7
Figure 7. The MSN Client in Smartphone

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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