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What Is Visual Studio
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Expand the Common Controls section of the toolbox and drag a text box and button over to the design surface; where you position the controls is where they will be displayed when the application is run. After dragging the controls to the surface, click once on the button control and you can set the text of the button in the properties window. Set it to something appropriate like "Please click me." Figure 3 shows our progress so far.

figure 3
Figure 3.

Now that the visual elements of the application are laid out, some code needs to be written. Simply double-click the button and you will be shown the code file for this form, as seen in Figure 4.

figure 4
Figure 4.

Since we double-clicked the button, Visual Studio has created a click event handler for that button's click event and placed our cursor inside of the method. Here we can write some simple code to return whatever text was entered in the text box in a message box to the user:


In Figure 5 you can see IntelliSense in action reminding us what the correct method name is on the MessageBox class.

figure 5
Figure 5.

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4

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