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A Guided Tour of the Newest Longhorn Build
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Windows Explorer

In Longhorn, Microsoft is doing away with the "My" nomenclature, such as My Computer, My Documents, and so forth. In the current build, My Computer is now Computer (see Figure 6; visible when you switch the Start menu to Classic view) and My Network Places now becomes Network(WORKGROUP). You still have My Documents, but its name will likely be changed in the final release.

Figure 6
Figure 6. Changes in naming nomenclature

Figure 7 shows Windows Explorer. Note that the usual shortcuts and navigational links displayed in the left of the Windows Explorer (in Windows XP) have been relocated to the top of the window, below the menu bar. The default theme selected in Longhorn is "Aero," which has a brushed-metal effect similar to that of its rival operating system, Mac OS X.

Figure 7
Figure 7. Windows Explorer has a new look

When you are displaying files in Icons view (View -> Icons), you can change the size of the icons dynamically by selecting the View button in the toolbar (see Figure 8).

Figure 8
Figure 8. Changing the size of the icons

You can also directly navigate to another directory by selecting the buttons in the toolbar (see Figure 9).

Figure 9
Figure 9. Directly navigating to another directory

The Search box located at the top-right corner of the screen is a little misleading (see Figure 10). It says "Type to Search," but typing in this text box and pressing Enter does not return a list of search results. Instead, it merely filters the content in the current view based on what you typed in the text box.

Figure 10
Figure 10. Filtering the content viewed

Control Panel

The Control Panel supports two views, Category and Classic. Figure 11 shows the Control Panel displayed in Classic view.

Figure 11
Figure 11. The Control Panel in Classic view

Figure 12 shows the Control Panel in Category view.

Figure 12
Figure 12. The Control Panel in Category view

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