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The Magic of ClickOnce
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You can let the user install the application locally on the client, or download the application every time it is needed (see Figure 4). Click Next >.

Figure 4
Figure 4. Choosing the mode the application should be run in

You would also need to sign your application. You can get the wizard to create a strong name key for your application, or create a new encrypted key. You can also use a key provider (see Figure 5). Click Next >.

Figure 5
Figure 5. Signing your application

That's it! You are now ready to publish the application through your web server (see Figure 6). Click Finish to launch the web page to install the application.

Figure 6
Figure 6. The wizard is ready to publish the application

You should see the web page shown in Figure 7. Your users can now use the URL shown to install the application on their machines.

Figure 7
Figure 7. Installing the application through the web server

Pages: 1, 2, 3

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