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Introducing ASP.NET Web Matrix
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Let's now code the application logic for our application:

Step 1.

We first add two global variables:

Dim ds as dataset
Dim productsInfo as ProductInfo
Step 2.

We will define a subroutine named getTitles() to retrieve all of the titles from Amazon's Web service. First, access the Web service:

   Dim ws as new AmazonSearchService()

   Dim KeywordReq as New KeywordRequest()
   keywordReq.keyword = txtTitle.text
   keywordReq.tag="mytag" 1

   productsInfo = ws.KeywordSearchRequest(keywordReq)

Step 3.

With the results stored in the productsInfo object, you will now convert the result into a Dataset object so that it can be bound to the DataGrid control:

ds = new dataset()

ds.Tables.Add(New DataTable("products"))
ds.Tables("products").Columns.Add("List Price")
ds.Tables("products").Columns.Add("Our Price")

Dim i as Integer
for i=0 to productsInfo.Details.Length - 1
    Dim row As DataRow = _
    row(0) = i + 1   ' to display #
    row(1) = productsInfo.Details(i).ProductName
    row(2) = productsInfo.Details(i).Manufacturer
    row(3) = productsInfo.Details(i).ASIN
    row(4) = productsInfo.Details(i).ListPrice
    row(5) = productsInfo.Details(i).OurPrice
Next i

Step 4.

Once the dataset is created, data bind it to the DataGrid control:

DataGrid1.DataSource = ds
Step 5.

We also need to define an event (SelectedIndexChanged) for the DataGrid control. This event is fired when the user clicks on the Show Details link.

Sub DataGrid1_SelectedIndexChanged(sender As Object, _
  e As EventArgs)

A call is first made to get the titles again:


The title is then displayed on the page:

   dim curr as Details
   curr = productsInfo.Details( _
   response.write ("<b>" & curr.ProductName & _
                   "</b><br>by: ")

Followed by the display of the authors:

   dim i as integer
   for i = 0 to curr.authors.length-1
      response.write (curr.authors(i).tostring)
      if i < curr.authors.length-1 then
         ' not the last author
         response.write (", ")
         response.write ("<hr>")
      end if
   next i

And then, finally, write an <img> element to display the book cover image:

   response.write ("<img src=" & curr.imageURLMedium & _
End Sub
Step 6.

There are three more subroutines you need to modify:

Sub Page_Load(Sender As Object, E As EventArgs)
    '----do nothing----
End Sub

Sub DataGrid_Page(Sender As Object, 
  e As DataGridPageChangedEventArgs)
    '----when the user clicks on the next page----
    DataGrid1.CurrentPageIndex = e.NewPageIndex
End Sub

Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
   '----when the user clicks on the Search button----
End Sub

That's it! When you press F5 to run your application for the first time, the accompanying Web server will prompt you:

Figure 10. Starting the Web server

Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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