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Archive of Windows and .NET Articles

Build Dynamic Database Applications in .NET with Project Codename "Jasper" by Julia Lerman
Instead of moving to Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET developers might consider Project Codename "Jasper" and the growing number of .NET dynamic languages. In this article, you'll learn how to use Jasper. 07/31/2007

Windows Wireless LAN Security Primer by Chris Sanders
If you've got a wireless Windows network, you're at risk. This primer gives you a great introduction to what you need to know to keep it safe. 06/27/2007

Eight Reasons Windows Administrators Should Learn JScript Instead of VBScript by Bill Stewart
When it comes to writing WSH scripts or HTML applications, system administrators can use either VBScript or JScript. Bill Stewart tells you why JScript is your best choice. 06/19/2007

Implementing and Understanding DHCP by Chris Sanders
Setting up DHCP on tens, hundreds, and even thousands of computers can be daunting. Here's how to do it easily with Windows Server 2003. 06/12/2007

Developing Visual Studio Project Wizards by Ron Petrusha
The real power of Visual Studio project templates becomes evident when they are combined with Visual Studio wizards. In this article, Jim Petrusha shows you the best way to create them. 06/06/2007

Using the Cryptography APIs in .NET by Wei-Meng Lee
The .NET framework contains a number of cryptography services that allow you to incorporate security services into your .NET applications. In this article, Wei-Meng Lee shows you how to use some of the common security APIs to make your .NET applications more secure. 05/22/2007

Managing Printing in Your .NET Application by Wei-Meng Lee
The .NET Framework makes it easy to support printing. In this article, Wei-Meng Lee shows you the basics of printing in .NET 2.0, including how to configure page setup, print multiple pages, preview a document before it is printed, as well as let users select a printer to which to print. 05/15/2007

Why Do ASP.NET Programmers Need to Learn CSS? by Dan Hurwitz and Jesse Liberty
ASP.NET has not been great at controlling the layout of elements on a web page. Dan Hurwitz and Jesse Liberty show you how to gain precise controls over presentation with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). They argue that programmers who embrace CSS as their own, rather than thinking of it as an esoteric skill of designers, place themselves ahead of the pack. 05/01/2007

Displaying Master-Details Relationships in ASP.NET 2.0 by Wei-Meng Lee
One of the common tasks in manipulating databases is displaying master-details relationships. Wei-Meng Lee shows how you can use the GridView and DetailsView controls to display records in the authors and titles tables. 04/24/2007

Installing and Configuring ISA 2006 by Chris Sanders
Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA) 2006, Microsoft's latest release of its popular web proxy and security suite, has become a full-blown perimeter security solution for both small and large networks. Chris Sanders shows you how to set it up and configure it for best performance. 04/17/2007

The Logic of Service-Orientation Plus 14 SO Tenets and Practical Principles by Juval Löwy
What exactly is service orientation, and what does it mean for the future of the software industry? What are the principles that should guide any developer using it? In this excerpt from Programming WCF Services, Juval Lowy explains what it's about and offers practical principles for its use. 04/10/2007

PC Deployment with ImageX by Jim Aspinwall
If you need to deploy Windows to multiple machines, ImageX is a big time-saver. Jim Aspinwall shows you how to do it. 04/03/2007

Tuning Virtual Server for Maximum Performance by Chris Sanders
If you deploy Microsoft Virtual Server in a production environment, the performance of the virtual machines running on it becomes increasingly important. Chris Sanders shows how to tune it up for maximum performance. 03/27/2007

PC Deployment with WinPE by Jim Aspinwall
Need to deploy Windows Vista or XP to many machines? WinPE is Microsoft's answer to doing it. Jim Aspinwall shows you the ins and outs of installing and using it. 03/20/2007

Logging with Custom Web Events by Jesse Liberty
Every serious ASP.NET application requires logging. Jesse Liberty shows how to use the little-known ASP.NET Health Monitoring system to create a robust and extensible, yet minimal, logging system that will send email in a crisis and routinely log to a database. 03/13/2007

Cleaning Up Your Disk Drives in Windows Vista by William Stanek
Your PC's hard disk fills up fast with junk, gunk, and extraneous files. In this excerpt from Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide William R. Stanek shows you how to clean it up fast. 03/06/2007

The Three Faces of ASP.NET AJAX by Dan Hurwitz, Jesse Liberty
The new Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX web development framework is like a mythological figure with three face: one friendly but rigid, one playful, and the third a bit frightening. Jesse Liberty and Dan Hurwitz show you how to how to make the most out of AJAX, whether you want to work with simple drag-and-drop controls, create custom controls or extenders, or dig deep into its innards and see how it all works. 02/27/2007

Analyzing Assemblies with Reflector by James Avery, Jim Holmes
It's tough to to understand how a class, method, or entire assembly fits into your overall system. In this excerpt from Windows Developer Power Tools, James Avery and Jim Holmes show you how to use Reflector freeware to explore any .NET assembly and find its dependencies and callers, or dive down and explore an entire assembly. 02/20/2007

Five Things You Need to Know About Virtual Server by Chris Sanders
Microsoft Virtual Server lets you consolidate servers, better control security, and set up a more flexible testing environment. In this article, Chris Sanders explains how it works--and how to set it up. 02/13/2007

Understanding Windows Vista's User Account Control by Paul Marquardt, William Stanek
User Account Control (UAC) is one of the most misunderstood features of Windows Vista. In this excerpt from "Windows Vista: The Definitive Guide," William R. Stanek and Paul Marquardt tell you everything you need to know about UAC--including how to turn it off. 02/06/2007

Six Top Tips for Hacking Windows Vista by Preston Gralla
Windows Vista is finally here--time to get hacking! Preston Gralla, author of Windows Vista in a Nutshell, shares six of his favorite hacks for bending the new operating system to your will. 01/30/2007

Secure Wireless Networking with IAS and RADIUS by Chris Sanders
Perhaps the best way to secure your wireless Windows network is to use RADIUS authentication. Chris Sanders walks you step by step through the RADIUS setup so you'll be able to lock down your network in no time. 01/23/2007

The Case for Freeware and Open Source Windows Tools by James Avery, Jim Holmes
In Windows Developer Power Tools, James Avery and Jim Holmes tell you about scores of incredibly useful, freely available tools for Windows developers. In this article, they tell you about some of their favorite ones. 01/19/2007

Build a .NET App for Google Checkout by Martin Omander
Google Checkout, Google's online payment system, integrates with websites such as In this article, Google's Martin Omander details Google Checkout's plumbing and shows you how to build a .NET application to integrate with it. 01/09/2007

Build Snippets with Code Snippet Editor for Visual Basic 2005 by Wei-Meng Lee
Want to create code snippets for Visual Studio 2005, but don't want to get your hands dirty? Wei-Meng Lee shows you how to do it by using the Code Snippet Editor for Visual Basic 2005, a shared source project developed by the Visual Basic developer community. 01/02/2007

The Five Best and Worst Things About Vista by Preston Gralla
After five years, Windows Vista is finally here. What's good and what's bad about it? Preston Gralla, author of Windows Vista in a Nutshell, tells you five things you'll love and five things you'll hate about Vista. 12/19/2006

Building FTP Services Using .NET 2.0 by Wei-Meng Lee
.NET 2.0 provides two new managed classes for performing FTP accesses. With them, you can incorporate FTP into your applications easily. Wei-Meng Lee shows you how to perform the most common FTP functions using these two new classes. 12/12/2006

Build Your Own Media Center PC, Part 2 by Wei-Meng Lee
Windows Media Center turns your ordinary PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center to watch and record TV programs, play DVDs, listen to music, share your digital photos, and more. In this second part of a two-part series, Wei Meng-Lee shows you how to assemble the PC and watch and record TV. 12/05/2006

Build Your Own Media Center PC, Part 1 by Wei-Meng Lee
Windows Media Center turns your ordinary PC into an all-in-one home entertainment center to watch and record TV programs, play DVDs, listen to music, share your digital photos, and more. In this first part of a two-part article, Wei Meng-Lee shows you how to build a Media Center PC from scratch. 11/28/2006

Using Offline Files by Chris Sanders, Mitch Tulloch
Mobile users need access to their personal files, even when disconnected from the network--and offline files let them do just that. Mitch Tulloch and Chris Sanders show you the ins and outs of setting up and using offline files. 11/21/2006